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Auto-Text and Typing Assistance

Many ToDoList users have unique requirements for entering custom text. For example some people use Wingdings to add special characters to their text, others have common phrases that may or may not change depending on circumstances.

This kind of functionality is beyond the scope of ToDoList. However, there are many third-party tools available for this, and they can help with all applications, not just ToDoList. Some of these are listed here.

  • AutoHotKey is a free DIY (Do It Yourself) tool which has been used for many years with ToDoList to control many features.
  • AutoIt free scripting is a bit less cryptic than AHK but it's still for DIY folks.
  • PhraseExpress is an awesome tool to simplify typing and system control, and for correcting errors. It's free for personal use and inexpensive for business.
  • Fast Typing is free and similar to PhraseExpress. Another offering on that site is Text Converter which has a number of interesting features to correct errors and for people who use different keyboard layouts.
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