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Task Colouring

For all of the following Preferences, see Fonts and Colours.

The colour of an individual task can be set from the edit area. A common colour palette displays to allow selection from the available list, or for creating a custom color for that task. Colors can be assigned to Status values, and these take precedence over the individual task colour. Similarly, colors can be assigned to Categories, and tasks with those categories will be coloured accordingly.

With the “Colour task titles by Priority” option, you can colour a task's title with its corresponding priority colour. This allows you to hide the priority column and also give a task's priority better visibility.

Colours can be set on the task based on its completion status, or whether it's been flagged.

There are different settings to change the colour depending on whether it's due or overdue, or when it's due 'today'.

Other UI Colours

The colour of grid lines can be set as well as the color of alternate task lines in the grid.

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