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Setting a task as Complete

A task can be flagged as completed by clicking the check box column in the grid. If the task contains sub-tasks which are not complete, a warning displays with a prompt to set the subtasks as completed.

Setting the Completed date in the edit area causes the task to get checked as completed, this also resets the styling - but you must navigate away from that task to another one in order to see the styling change.

Setting the Status to “Completed” (or any other value) does not actually put the task into a “completed” state. One reason for this is that for a given application the status of Complete might just mean that the task is ready to move on to the next stage, for testing, user review, deployment, etc. The task itself is only flagged as Complete when it has gone through its full life cycle and there is absolutely nothing left to do on it.

Styling and views of Completed tasks

Change the display of a completed task with the preference Strike-through completed tasks. Specify a colour to use for completed tasks with the Completed task colour preference. Note that the Flagged task colour option does not override the Completed task colour.

To avoid having completed tasks show in the grid, create a filter that excludes them. If the Automatically refilter after editing option is checked then the completed task will be removed from the current view.

The location of completed tasks among incomplete tasks can be set with Always sort completed tasks below other tasks.

You may wish to see the Completed Date but not the Completed time. See Hide 'Due Time', 'Start Time', 'Completed Time' fields.

To help highlight incomplete tasks and to maintain a less cluttered task list you can have ToDoList not display '100%' for completed tasks using preference Hide '% Complete' for completed tasks.

'Start' and 'Due' dates may have limited relevance once a task has been completed. Select option Hide 'Start' and 'Due' dates for completed tasks to have ToDoList hide such dates when a task has been marked as completed.


You can Hide 'Start' and 'Due' dates for completed tasks.

With preference Display Subtask completion in front of task's title, the task grid displays fractionally (number of completed subtasks/total number of subtasks) how many of the task's subtasks are completed.

When a task is set to complete from the grid or Completed date edit field, the Status can be auto-set to any value. This is done a preference setting for After completing a task, set its 'Status' to:


Completed tasks can be archived from menu > Tools > Archive Completed Tasks. See [Archives] for details.

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