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Task Dependencies

A task is dependent on another task when it has a Dependency set to another task ID. That is, if task 208 depends on task 54, task 208 has its Dependency set to 54, and task 54 must be completed in order for 208 to complete. The Completed Checkbox cannot be set on a task unless its dependency is completed first.

In the edit field, manually enter the task ID of another task. Multiple IDs can be specified to indicate all of the other tasks must be completed before the current task.

Note: Multiple IDs must be delimited by the list separator character identified in your Windows Regional Settings.

The “eyeglasses” (look at) icon in the edit field allows the grid selection to jump from a dependent task to its first dependency (no others). In the grid, tasks with a dependency have a small ToDoList icon in the column. A task with other tasks dependent on it does not have a link to its dependent tasks.

Note: Dependencies can also be set graphically in the Gantt Chart View.

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