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The ToDoList “Ecosystem” consists of all of the places on the internet where people can get downloads, discuss the software, and get news about ToDoList. Here is a current list of pages/sites and what to do at each location. You can find icons to all of these locations in the software under menu>Help.

More Technical

  • CodeProject (CP) (news/downloads/discussion/requests)
    • If you are a more technical person and want to discuss the software at a more detailed level or make other contributions, then this is the best place for you. If you already have a CP account, there's no need to create an account or post elsewhere. However, for formal bug reports and enhancement requests we occasionally request that you go to the Google Group.
    • Subscribe to RSS notifications for the forum.
    • Release notes for the latest release are on the CP page here
  • Google Group (GG) (news/discussion/requests) ( with v7.0 )
    • If you do not have a CodeProject account or you want to post a formal bug report or enhancement request, this is the best place to be. Dan prefers to track issues using categories in the GG.
    • When posting to GG, please label your postings as Discussion, Usage Question, Bug Report, or Feature Request, and provide the ToDoList version and OS, etc. Follow the guidelines!
    • You can view/post to GG with a browser or by email. Change settings after creating your account.
    • You can also subscribe to RSS/Atom notifications.

Less Technical

  • Twitter (news) ( with v7.0 )
    • This is for broadcasting short announcments and for quick user feedback. With only 140 characters there's only so much information that can be conveyed. Tweets will usually link somewhere else for real news. If you have a Twitter account, please follow this account!
    • Retweets, mentions, and Favorites are always welcome.
    • If you find a good article on Task Management or Productivity, please share it with us.
  • Facebook (FB) (news/comments) ( “Rejuvenated” with v7.0 )
    • If you have a FB account and you don't tweet then this resource is a good place to get your news and to post an occasional note. But FB isn't a good place to report issues or to make suggestions. Please use GG for that.
    • This page has been around for a few years but hasn't really been used much. With v7.0 it becomes more of a first-class citizen with the rest of the ecosystem.
  • Google Plus (G+) (news/comments) (New with v7.0.7)
    • Some people don't know about Google Groups, Twitter, or Facebook. G+ is yet another popular place for communities to gather and trade notes.
    • As with Twitter and Facebook, questions and discussions are welcome in G+. But bug reports are not accepted there. Please use the Google Group for formal bug and enhancement reports.
  • LinkedIn (news/comments) (New with v7.0.8)
    • LinkedIn is a business network. The LinkedIn Group is a place for business users to discuss their usage and needs.
    • Questions and discussions are welcome. But bug reports are not accepted there. Please use the Google Group for formal bug and enhancement reports.
  • GitHub (downloads and wiki (duh)) ( with v7.0 )
    • Everything about this GitHub environment can be found on the Getting Help page.
    • Get information about creating a GitHub account here.
    • Subscribe to RSS/Atom notifications for the wiki.
    • This is Daniel Godson's business page that has some software related to ToDoList, but other software as well.


News : Announcements of releases or new information about the ecosystem.

Downloads : The ToDoList software! GitHub repositories do not have the core application itself, just resources, which includes translations, style sheets, and themes.

Discussion : Comments and questions. In the Google Group, please label postings as a Discussion.

Comments : A comment is a simple note where no response is desired. A discussion is a request for feedback.

Requests : Reports of bugs/issues and requests for enhancements or other changes. In the Google Group, please categorize postings as an issue and provide required information according to the guidelines. Thanks.

Contributions : Just to be clear, you don't need to be a developer to “contribute”.

  • If you're using ToDoList, you're contributing to its success.
  • If you post a question you're contributing.
  • If you post an answer you're providing a valuable contribution.
  • If you post a bug report and follow the guidelines you're doing everyone a service. If you don't follow the guidelines, your contribution is welcome but please note that your report might get a stern response with a request for more information - or no response at all.
  • Enhancement requests contribute by helping the software to grow, even if they're not processed soon or at all.
  • Assistance with language translation is always welcome.
  • You can help by pointing out errors in the wiki or anywhere else. (Please provide links wherever possible.) You can help here even more by editing pages, formatting text, adding screenshots, and adding new content. But please do not be offended if your wiki contribution is re-edited or even rejected. What we have here is far from perfect but we're trying to establish a some standards. The standards are still being worked out so we can't provide too much guidance. The best approach might be to make changes that make pages look like other pages, and try to get some confirmation of your updates before spending too much time. Thanks for bearing with this process.

What's next ... or not?

There are other resources that we could try to build into the ecosystem. Examples include, IRC, Google Hangouts, CodeProject, or a blog. With v7.0 there are a lot of new places for people to hang out. It might be confusing enough for some folks. We're going to see how it goes with the ecosystem as it is and then other options might be considered.

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