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Allows the last editing action to be undone. If the focus is on an edit control then the last edit change is undone. Otherwise the last tasklist edit is undone.

Many levels of undo are supported, but there is a limit. If too many undesired changes have been made, exit without saving the tasklist, and consider going back to a recent backup. Work in Progress. Add info.

Allows a previously undone operation to be redone.

Edit Task Title
Initiates in-place editing of the task title. This is also accomplished by single-clicking on the task title text. If you single-click click after the text, the edit area will not open. You need to double-click if clicking after the text.

This operation is disabled if more than one task is selected.

Other Task Attributes

  • Set Task Colour…
    Sets the color of the selected tasks title text. This option is disabled if you have chosen to have tasks coloured by their priority in Preferences. See also Fonts and Colours Preferences.
  • Clear Task Colour
    Clears the previously set colour for the selected tasks.
  • Set Task Icon…
    Associates an icon with the selected tasks. The task icon column must be made visible for this change to be noticable. You can also double-click the icon column to display the icon dialog. See the Select Task Icon Page for details.
  • Clear Task Icon
    Clears the previously set icon for the selected tasks.
  • Toggle Task Completion : Toggles the completion state of the selected tasks. This the same effect as checking and unchecking the checkbox in the tasklist. See details on Completed Tasks.
  • Increment Task % Completion : Increases the selected tasks' % completion by 5% up to a maximum of 100%.
  • Decrement Task % Completion : Decreases the selected tasks' % completion by 5% to a minimum of 0%.
  • Set Task Priority : Sets the selected tasks' priority to None (no priority) or between 0 (lowest) and 10 (highest). See Priority and Risk.
  • Increment Task Priority : Increases the selected tasks' priority by 1 up to a maximum of 10
  • Decrement Task Priority : Decreases the selected tasks' priority by 1 to a minimum of 0 and then None.
  • Track Time Spent : Turns on a timer which automatically adds elapsed time to the 'Time Spent' attribute. See Time Tracking.
  • Offset Dates… : This is used to shift (offset) the Start Date, Due Date, and/or Completion Date by some factor of time. This can be useful if requirements change and specific tasks need to be started or finished sooner or later than before. (See the Offset Task Dates dialog for more details)
  • Set Task File Link… : Displays the standard open file dialog for you to associate a file with the selected task(s).

    Note: While more than one file link can be associated with a task, this option currently only allows one link to be assigned to that field.
  • Open Task File Link : Displays/Runs the file or URL associated with a task.

    Note: While more than one file link can be associated with a task, this option currently only allows the top link/file to be opened.
    Note: this option is disabled if no file is referenced, or it displays the path of the referenced file.
  • Toggle Task Flag : Toggles the Flag attribute on the selected task(s).

    Note: this attribute has no specific meaning and can be used to tag tasks of interest. It can also be used to control archiving.
  • Go to Task Dependency
    See description for the Dependency field.
  • Clear Focused Task Attribute

Set Reminder
Opens a reminder page to instruct ToDoList to remind you when a task is about to begin or is about to be due. You can also specify a sound to be played.

Clear Reminder
Clears the existing reminder for the selected task.

Insert Date
Inserts the current date (formatted according to your regional settings in Control Panel) into the focused edit control (typically the comments field).

Insert Time
Inserts only the current time.

Insert Date & Time
Inserts the current date and time formatted according to your PC regional settings. This is also called a timestamp, and is very convenient to log when a comment is being written. See Preferences for related settings.

Note: Insert date/time options are disabled when focus is not on a control where the feature applies.

Spell Check

  • Task Title

Runs the spell checker on the selected task's title text.

  • Task Comments

Runs the spell checker on the selected task's comment text.

  • Active Tasklist

Runs the spell checker on the task titles of the active tasklist.

Copies the selected task(s) to the Windows clipboard and then removes it from the tasklist.

Copies the selected task(s) to the Windows clipboard.

Note: the titles of the selected tasks are also copied to the Windows clipboard, separated by new lines.

Copy As

  • Text
    Copies the selected task(s) in a formatted text format
  • HTML
    Copies the selected task(s) in HTML
  • Task Link
    Copies the selected task's ID to the Windows clipboard in the following format: tdl://ID. This 'reference' can then be pasted into another task's File Link field or Comments field, and used to link back to the original task. Note: to follow task references in the comments field requires the CTRL key to be pressed when you click.
  • Task Link (full)
    This is similar to the above except that the full filepath is also included in the reference allowing separate tasklists to be linked together.
  • Task Dependency
    ToDoList allows tasks to be dependent on one another and in so doing allows one task to prevent another from being completed until the dependent task is first completed. A dependency is simply the ID of a task pasted into another's dependency field. This option copies the selected task's ID to the Windows Clipboard.
  • Task Dependency (full)
    This is similar to the above except that the task ID is prefixed by the full path of the tasklist allowing dependencies to span across multiple taskfiles.
  • Task Path
    This copies the path of the selected task to the Windows clipboard.

Paste as Subtask of Selected Task
Pastes the last copied tasks as subtasks of the currently selected task.

Paste after Selected Task
Pastes the last copied tasks as siblings after the currently selected task.

Notes: When copying and pasting tasks, the time estimates and actual time spent are also pasted, which may be undesirable. To change values for the pasted tasks, select the pasted tasks and then change their values in the appropriate edit field - all selected tasks will be equally affected.

Copy/Paste does not affect time logged to the tasklist's related .csv file. That seems obvious of course, but given the above where time spent is duplicated on paste, it's important to recognize that after a paste the time logged in the CSV file will not be in balance with the .tdl file.

Paste as Reference
Pastes the last copied tasks as siblings after the currently selected task - but as Reference Tasks.

The notes on pasting also apply here. See Reference Tasks for more details.

Delete Selected Task
Deletes the currently selected task(s). DEL hotkey does this quickly.

Note: You will be prompted to confirm the deletion unless you have disabled this feature in the preferences. Note: If the task being deleted has subtasks, these will also be deleted.

Delete All Tasks
Deletes all of the tasks in the active task list - does not just delete filtered/visible tasks. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion unless you disable this feature in the preferences.

Select All
Selects all tasks in the active tasklist.

Find Tasks…
Displays a dialog to search for tasks specific attribute values. The results are displayed in a modeless dialog which can remain open as you navigate to each task. For details, see the Find Tasks Page.

Quick Find
Sets the focus to the Quick Find combo box in the toolbar. Once there simply start typing and as you type ToDoList will match what you are typing to either task titles or task comments.

Find Next
Once you have finished typing you can step forward through all the occurrences that can be found. (Use the F3 key to do this quickly.)

Find Prev
Alternatively you can step backwards. (Use Shift+F3 to do this quickly.)

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