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The File menu primarily contains commands for creating, opening, saving and closing tasklists. Additionally there are commands to encrypt (password-protect) your tasklists and to print them.

New Tasklist
Adds a new tasklist to the set of tabs. The first action should be to set a project description and then Save the file with a new name. If time is applied to a tasklist without a name, the data is saved as “untitled.log”.

Open Tasklist
Opens an existing tasklist, which may exist on a removeable drive (floppy, zip), on your hard disk or on a network.

Reload Tasklist
Allows you to reload the active tasklist should it have been changed outside of ToDoList either by you or by someone else.

Note: If you have made changes to the tasklist you will be asked to confirm that you wish the changes to be overwritten.

Open Archive
Each tasklist may have a corresponding archive file where completed tasks are moved to periodically (see Tools > Archive Completed Tasks). Occasionally you may need to restore an archived task or need to look in the archive file to report on what tasks were completed. This option allows easy access.

Note: you could also open the archive via File > Open Tasklist.

Save Tasklist
Manually saves any modifications to the active tasklist. This can be done automatically every 'x' minutes. See the related File Action Preferences

Note: When saving a tasklist to a remote server like OneDrive or DropBox, it's possible for a TimeStamp Change warning to display. See this issue report for information about what causes this and how to avoid the warning.

Save Tasklist As…
Allows you to save an existing tasklist to another file name and/or location. The new tasklist becomes the current tasklist. The existing file is closed and can be re-opened.

Save All
Saves all the open tasklists which have modifications.

Open From
Provides a sub-menu (with only one option at this time) for the internal FTP client, EasyFTP. This allows you to download and open a tasklist stored on a FTP server of your choosing. See detail below.

Save To
Provides a sub-menu (with only one option at this time) for the internal FTP client, EasyFTP. This allows you to save a local taskfile to a FTP server of your choosing.

On opening EasyFTP, you will be prompted for the server location (eg. and your username and password. Anonymous Login is for public or internal sites that do not require login. A proxy/server port may be used as a front-end to protect a server (ask the server administrator if required). On connection, you will be presented with a browse dialog to open or save the tasklist.

Encrypt Tasklist
Enables/Disables encryption of the active tasklist.

Note: This is the way to password-protect a tasklist. The tasklist is encrypted so that no one can see the data without the password, even if the file is opened with other tools.

You are prompted to enter and verify a password. A password prompt displays whenever an encrypted tasklist is opened. Without entering a correct password, the tasklist will remain in the tab bar but cannot be accessed. Select the tab to get the password prompt.

Note: Encryption occurs when you next save the tasklist, not at the point you provide your password.

When a tasklist is encrypted, a checkmark will be displayed next to the Encrypt Tasklist file item. Selecting this option again will allow you to turn off encryption after you have and entered the correct password.

Change Password…
Change the password for the encrypted tasklist. Disabled for a non-encrypted tasklist.

Prints the active tasklist, by exporting it to HTML and then printing via an embedded instance of Internet Explorer. See also Print Tasks.

Print Preview
Shows a preview of how the active tasklist will be printed, by exporting it to HTML and then displaying the data in an embedded instance of Internet Explorer. See also Print Tasks.

Reset Version Number
Each time a tasklist is saved, an internal Version Number is incremented. This resets the tasklist version number to 1.

Close Tasklist
Closes the active tasklist, prompting you to save any changes as necessary. The tasklist is removed from the tab bar when closed.

Close All Other Tasklists
All tasklists are closed except the currently selected file. A prompt displays for unsaved files.

Close All
Closes all open tasklists, prompting you to save any changes as necessary.

Recent Tasklists
Displays a sub-menu containing up to 16 most recently opened tasklists for easy access.

Note: you can disable this feature in Preferences. (See “Keep track of most recently used (MRU) tasklists”)

Email Tasks
Allows selected tasks or an entire tasklist to be emailed. See the Send Tasks Page

Note: the tasklist must have been previously saved before it can be sent as an attachment.

Closes ToDoList, prompting you to save any changes as necessary.

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