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Filter Bar

Filtering is one of ToDoList's most powerful features, allowing you to view only those tasks that interest you, defined by a specific set of task attributes.

The Filter Bar sits immediately below the Toolbar and offers the most convenient to this functionality.

Note: The same functionality is also offered using the Filter Tasks Dialog.
Note: You can hide the Filter Bar by deselecting 'Menu Bar > View Menu > Bar Visibility > Filter Bar'.

This shows the Filter Bar in its default state (ie. with no filter currently active).

This shows the Filter Bar after specific values have been chosen in one or more of the filter fields.

Note: When a filter is active the background colour of the filter bar is shown darker as a reminder that you are only seeing a subset of your total tasklist.

This shows the Filter Bar when a custom filter has been applied via the Find Tasks Dialog.

Note: All fields except the 'Options' droplist are disabled when a custom filter is active.


See also: Application Main Window, View Menu, Filter Preferences, Filter Tasks Dialog, Find Tasks Dialog, Attribute Visibility Dialog

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