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-{{images:​screenshots:​filter-tasks-page.png}}+====== Filter Tasks Dialog ====== 
 +([[view-menu|Menu Bar > View]] > Filter)
-This page is found in menu > View > Filter...+This dialog allows you to restrict the visible tasks to only those which match a specific set of attributes.
-A filter is a defined "​view"​ of tasks. This allows for a quick transition, for example, from viewing All Tasks to just viewing Incomplete Tasks. Default filters are provided as examples and for convenience. +{{images:​screenshots:​filter-dialog.png}}
-This form allows for creating and saving new custom filters, for example to just see tasks for the current project version that have been allocated to specific people.+{{page>​filter-fields-common}}
 +See also: [[view-menu|View Menu]], [[user-interface-gen-prefs|Filter Preferences]],​ [[filter-bar|Filter Bar]], [[find-tasks-dialog|Find Tasks Dialog]]
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