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ToDoList is provided as Free Open Source Software (FOSS). It was originally published as an offering at, and is still hosted there with:

  • A download link to the latest version
  • Links to related software
  • Release notes for each update
  • An article to describe the code
  • And a discussion forum

If you are not familiar with this software, there is a page just for people who are Getting Started.

The first place to go for help is this wiki! Learn how to search the wiki.

To get help with simple questions, CodeProject is probably the best place. If you make a number of change requests changes you might prefer to make a home in the Google Group…

The CodeProject Forum

CodeProject Forum

If you have a CodeProject account this might be the easiest option. While many people feel the forum software at CodeProject lacks a huge number of common forum features, it is a solid, simple medium for questions and answers (Q&A). Everyone is invited to create a CodeProject account and to post their questions, comments, and suggestions, and to offer assistance to fellow ToDoList users.

The Google Group

Google Group

For posting files or screenshots, threaded discussions, and better search tools, the Google Group is a great alternative forum environment. This also group allows for email delivery and posting, and “digest” summaries, neither of which are offered from CodeProject.

Summary of the GitHib resources

There are four GitHub repositories for ToDoList. The intent is to create a place where people can contribute to this fine software in different ways, to keep concepts separate and focused, and downloads small. You can also think of the repos serving as a permissions system so that specific content can only be updated by specific people.

On Dan's profile page, we see a list of the repos that he has created.

When reporting issues in the Google Group, CodeProject, or in any of the GitHib repositories, please follow the guidelines detailed in Reporting Bugs And Enhancements.

This ToList_Wiki (bookmark this page!) is the home for all documentation. It's growing rapidly with contributions and is a bit chaotic, but we'll manage that. When things stabilize, please report issues with the wiki to the Issues area for this specific repo - or you can post your notes to the Google Group and set the Category to flag a wiki update. The wiki repo issue tracker is not for software issues, it's for issues with the wiki.

ToDoList_Resources is for non-core files that are bundled in the TDL download. This includes stylesheets, themes, and translation files. If you want to contribute in this area, visit that repo and read the ReadMe. Post related issues to CodeProject or the Google Group.

ToDoList_Downloads was created to offload larger files so that the Zip download from other repos weren't too bulky with data that most people wouldn't use anyway. In particular, spell-check dictionaries for a Lot of languages are hosted there as zip files. That repo will also be used for some user contributions, scripts, UDTs, and other materials that don't fit into Resources. Post related issues to CodeProject or the Google Group. The wiki for the Downloads repo will be used to document user contributed content which is hosted there. The spell-check files will be documented in this (ToDoList_Wiki) repo, since this is a core feature.

You will find more detail about each repo in the ReadMe for each repo.

Examples of where to Get Help

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