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 ====== Help ====== ====== Help ======
-    * [[context-help|Context Help (v7.1+)]] +    * [[context-help|Context ​Sensitive ​Help]] 
-    * [[https://​​abstractspoon/​todolist_wiki/​search?​type=wikis|Search]] Wiki ([[wiki-search|Help for Search]]) +    * [[reporting-bugs-and-enhancements|Reporting Bugs And Enhancements]]
-    * [[reporting-bugs-and-enhancements|Reporting Bugs And Enhancements]] ​(Issues)+
     * [[steps-recorder|Steps Recorder]]     * [[steps-recorder|Steps Recorder]]
-    * [[[ecosystem|[Ecosystem]]] ​ +    * Online Resources ​ 
-      * [[|CodeProject]] (news/downloads/​discussion/​requests) +      * [[​forum/#​!forum/​abstractspoon-todolist-support|Google Group]] (news/​discussion/​requests) 
-      * [[|Google Groups]] (news/discussion/​requests) +      * [[​abstr.todolist/|Facebook]] (news/comments/​requests) 
-      * [[|Facebook]] (news/​comments/​requests) +      * [[​5371/​ToDoList-An-effective-and-flexible-way-to-keep-on|CodeProject]] (news/​comments/​requests) 
-      * [[​abstrtodolisttwitter|Twitter]] (news) +      * [[|AbstractSpoon ​Website]]
-      * [[|]] +
-      * Public [[suggestion-box|Suggestion Box]] for Wiki changes+
-ToDoList is provided as [[free-open-source-software|Free Open Source Software]] (FOSS). It was originally published as an offering at [[http://​​articles/​5371/​todolist|]],​ and is still hosted there with: 
-  * A download link to the latest version 
-  * Links to related software 
-  * Release notes for each update 
-  * An article to describe the code 
-  * And a discussion forum 
-If you are not familiar with this software, there is a page just for people who are [[getting-started|Getting Started]]. 
-The first place to go for help is this wiki! Learn how to [[search-wiki|search the wiki]]. 
-To get help with simple questions, CodeProject is probably the best place. If you make a number of change requests changes you might prefer to make a home in the Google Group... 
-====The CodeProject Forum==== 
-[[http://​​articles/​5371/​todolist#​codeproject_forum|CodeProject Forum]] 
-If you have a CodeProject account this might be the easiest option. While many people feel the forum software at CodeProject lacks a huge number of common forum features, it is a solid, simple medium for questions and answers (Q&A). Everyone is invited to create a CodeProject account and to post their questions, comments, and suggestions,​ and to offer assistance to fellow ToDoList users. 
-====The Google Group==== 
-[[http://​​abstrtodolistgg|Google Group]] 
-For posting files or screenshots,​ threaded discussions,​ and better search tools, the Google Group is a great alternative forum environment. This also group allows for email delivery and posting, and "​digest"​ summaries, neither of which are offered from CodeProject. 
-====Summary of the GitHib resources==== 
-There are four GitHub repositories for ToDoList. The intent is to create a place where people can contribute to this fine software in different ways, to keep concepts separate and focused, and downloads small. You can also think of the repos serving as a permissions system so that specific content can only be updated by specific people. 
-On [[|Dan'​s profile page]], we see a list of the repos that he has created. 
-When reporting issues in the Google Group, CodeProject,​ or in any of the GitHib repositories,​ **please follow the guidelines** detailed in [[reporting-bugs-and-enhancements|Reporting Bugs And Enhancements]]. 
-This [[todolist_wiki/​wiki|ToList_Wiki]] (**bookmark this page!**) is the home for all documentation. It's growing rapidly with contributions and is a bit chaotic, but we'll manage that. When things stabilize, please report issues with the wiki to the [[issues|Issues]] area for this specific repo - or you can post your notes to the Google Group and set the Category to flag a wiki update. **The wiki repo issue tracker is not for software issues, it's for issues with the wiki.** 
-[[todolist_resources|ToDoList_Resources]] is for non-core files that are bundled in the TDL download. This includes stylesheets,​ themes, and translation files. If you want to contribute in this area, visit that repo and read the [[todolist_resources/​blob/​master/​|ReadMe]]. Post related issues to [[http://​​articles/​5371/​todolist#​codeproject|CodeProject]] or the [[http://​​abstrtodolistgg|Google Group]]. 
-[[todolist_downloads|ToDoList_Downloads]] was created to offload larger files so that the Zip download from other repos weren'​t too bulky with data that most people wouldn'​t use anyway. In particular, spell-check dictionaries for a Lot of languages are hosted there as zip files. That repo will also be used for some user contributions,​ scripts, UDTs, and other materials that don't fit into Resources. Post related issues to [[http://​​articles/​5371/​todolist#​codeproject|CodeProject]] or the [[http://​​abstrtodolistgg|Google Group]]. The [[todolist_downloads/​wiki|wiki]] for the Downloads repo will be used to document user contributed content which is hosted there. The spell-check files will be documented in **this** (ToDoList_Wiki) repo, since this is a core feature. 
-You will find more detail about each repo in the ReadMe for each repo. 
-====Examples of where to Get Help==== 
-  * To make an enhancement request, or to report issues with the software, downloads, stylesheets,​ or language translations - go to the [[http://​​articles/​5371/​todolist|CodeProject forum]] or the [[http://​​abstrtodolistgg|Google Group]]. 
-  * For spell-check files in many languages, go to [[todolist_downloads|ToDoList_Downloads]]. 
-  * To report issues with this wiki, go to [[todolist_wiki/​issues|ToList_Wiki/​issues]],​ or the [[http://​​articles/​5371/​todolist|CodeProject forum]] or the [[http://​​abstrtodolistgg|Google Group]]. 
-  * For wiki information about contributed UDTs, or to request a new UDT from community members, go to [[todolist_downloads/​wiki|ToDoList_Downloads/​wiki]],​ or the [[http://​​abstrtodolistgg|Google Group]]. 
-  * To "flesh out" ideas for a new feature, go to the [[http://​​abstrtodolistgg|Google Group]] and start a Discussion. 
-  * If you're not sure what to include in a bug report, go to [[reporting-bugs-and-enhancements|Reporting Bugs And Enhancements]]. 
-  * When in doubt, ask in the [[http://​​abstrtodolistgg|Google Group]]. 
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