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Importing/Exporting Preferences

Preview results Select this option to have the results of the export displayed for you to preview. This option is ignored for exports resulting from auto- saved tasklists.

Export attributes in visible columns only This is useful if certain columns are not relevant to your usage of ToDoList.

Only export title and comments for parent tasks This is useful where parent tasks are effectively just containers for their subtasks ie. You are not interested in the attributes of the parent tasks.

Provide a space below each task for notes Useful if you are going to print out your exported tasklists and then add notes eg in a meeting. Note: this only affects the built-in 'Web Page' and 'Plain Text' exporters.

HTML settings This allows you to control the font and size (in html units).

Note: this only affects the built-in 'Web Page' exporter.

Text settings Specify the indent you want inserted between a parent and its children. This is especially useful if you have a deep hierachy. Note: this only affects the built-in 'Plain Text' exporter.

See also: Preferences Dialog, Tools Menu, Application Toolbar

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