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To create a new task you have the following options:

  • Select one of the 'Menu Bar > New Task' menu commands
  • Click one of the two 'New Task' buttons on the Application Toolbar.
  • Right-click on the Task Tree and select one of the 'New Task/Subtask' context-menu commands.

The process is typically this:

  1. Select an existing task using the mouse or keyboard
  2. Click one of the toolbar buttons to:
    • Create a new task at the same level as the selected task
    • Create a new subtask at a level below the selected task, and 'contained' by the selected task. ie. The selected task becomes its parent.
  3. Edit the new task's title
  4. Press <Enter> or click one of the toolbar buttons to add more tasks

Note: If during the initial editing of the task's title you realise it is in the wrong place, you can either complete the task name as described above and then move the task to its correct location later on. Or you can press <Esc> to cancel the new task and re-create it in the correct place.

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