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Pasting text
If you copy text from another application and paste in to ToDoList, and the text does not come in as expected, try the following alternatives for that specific from/to pair:

  • Right-click for a context menu and Paste (should be same as Ctrl-V)
  • Shift-INS (that's the INSert key) This seems to remove web page HTML when pasting to plain text.
  • Ctrl-INS seems to paste only the text when the source is Microsoft Office Communicator 2007R2, or perhaps similar products.
  • Last resort: Paste into Notepad or another plain text editor, then copy that and paste to ToDoList. Do not use WordPad or another rich editor.

Auto-Linking to URLs
To link to a web page, just drag/drop from the browser address bar into the comment area. You can also select/copy the address field, then paste it into the comment. In both plain text and rich text mode, the URL will change to a hyperlink which can be single-clicked to launch the browser and return to the web page.

Text Wrapping
In plain text mode, comment text is automatically wrapped at the end of the text control. In rich text mode there is a toolbar icon to toggle the wrap behaviour. If wrapping is off then a horizontal scrollbar displays when required.

Default Font
To change styling for comments, go to Preferences > User Interface > Fonts and Colours. Near the top is a setting for the Comments Font and the Point Size. A huge selection of fonts is offered. Note that users on different PCs have different fonts, so using a standard is recommended when sharing data.

Spell Checking
Windows now includes built-in spell checking which can be disabled for the entire system. At this time there is no option to enabled/disable spellcheck in ToDoList separately from that global setting.

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