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 +**Pasting text**\\
 +If you copy text from another application and paste in to ToDoList, and the text does not come in as expected, try the following alternatives for that specific from/to pair:
 +  * Right-click for a context menu and Paste (should be same as Ctrl-V)
 +  * Shift-INS (that'​s the INSert key) This seems to remove web page HTML when pasting to plain text.
 +  * Ctrl-INS seems to paste only the text when the source is Microsoft Office Communicator 2007R2, or perhaps similar products.
 +  * Last resort: Paste into Notepad or another plain text editor, then copy that and paste to ToDoList. Do not use WordPad or another rich editor.
 +**Auto-Linking to URLs**\\
 +To link to a web page, just drag/drop from the browser address bar into the comment area. You can also select/copy the address field, then paste it into the comment. In both plain text and rich text mode, the URL will change to a hyperlink which can be single-clicked to launch the browser and return to the web page.
 +**Text Wrapping**\\
 +In plain text mode, comment text is automatically wrapped at the end of the text control. In rich text mode there is a toolbar icon to toggle the wrap behaviour. If wrapping is off then a horizontal scrollbar displays when required.
 +**Default Font**\\
 +To change styling for comments, go to Preferences > User Interface > Fonts and Colours. Near the top is a setting for the Comments Font and the Point Size. A huge selection of fonts is offered. Note that users on different PCs have different fonts, so using a standard is recommended when sharing data.
 +**Spell Checking**\\
 +Windows now includes built-in spell checking which can be [[http://​​disable-spell-checker-auto-correct-windows|disabled]] for the entire system. At this time there is no option to enabled/​disable spellcheck in ToDoList separately from that global setting.
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