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Kanban Preferences Dialog


Sort subtasks below their respective parent task

Show a task's colour as a vertical bar
Shows the colour which would have been used to fill the task background as a narrow bar at the left-hand end of the task.

  • Colour bar by tasks priority
    Optionally colours the vertical bar using the application colour associated with the task's current priority.

Display the following attributes for each task
Expands the task vertically to display the selected attributes.


Always show 'Backlog' column
If you have disabled the option to show hidden column, you can use this setting to ensure that the 'backlog' column is always visible even when empty.

Fixed column definitions (optional):

  • Attribute to 'track'
  • (Grid)
    • Column Title
      The title to be shown at the head of the column
    • Attribute Value(s)
      One or more values defining what tasks appear in the column
    • Colour
      A colour to be used to fill the background of the column

See also: Kanban View

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