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 ====== Keyboard Shortcut Preferences ====== ====== Keyboard Shortcut Preferences ======
-{{images:​screenshots:​keyboardshortcutprefs.png}} +([[tools-menu|Menu Bar Tools]] > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts)
-<!-- https://​​abstractspoon/​ToDoList_Wiki/​blob/​master --> +
-A keyboard shortcut is a character sequence that saves you from having to use the mouse to perform some function. One or more "key modifier"​ is pressed, and then the final key is tapped to perform an operation. There are three primary modification keys, Control (abbreviated '​Ctrl'​), Shift, and Alt. As an example, Alt+F4 means you hold down the Alt key and then tap the F4 function key.+
-Keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to most ToDoList menu items. Open menu>​Preferences. At the bottom of the Categories is Keyboard Shortcuts.+{{images:​screenshots:​keyboard-shortcut-prefs.png}}
-Note: if you have picked shortcuts which conflict with the built-in shortcuts used by edit controls ​then these will not work when an edit field has the focusThis is by design.+A keyboard shortcut is a character sequence that saves you from having to use the mouse to perform menu commands. One or more "​modifier keys" are held down, and then the final key is pressed to complete the shortcut. There are three primary modification keys, ''<​Ctrl>'',​ ''<​Shift>'',​ and ''<​Alt>''​. As an example, ''<​Alt+F4>''​ means you hold down the Alt key and then press the F4 function key at the top of the keyboardKeyboard shortcuts can be assigned to all ToDoList menu items
-**Shortcut column** +**Note**: When a edit field has the focus (including ​the Comments fields) ''<​Ctrl+C>'',​ ''<​Ctrl+V>''​ and ''<​Ctrl+X>''​ will operate on the edit field not the application as a whole.\\ 
-This displays ​the active keyboard shortcut for the related menu item.+**Note**: The following shortcut combinations have been reserved by the application itself:\\
-**Menu Item column** +^Shortcut ​               ^ Purpose ​    ^ 
-This is essentially just the menu bar expanded into a list. Grayed items indicate submenus which cannot have shortcuts.+|''<​Alt + B>'' ​          | Move focus to Task View     | 
 +|''<​Shift + Up>'' ​       | Extended tasklist selection | 
 +|''<​Shift + Down>'' ​     | Extended tasklist selection | 
 +|''<​Shift + Page Up>'' ​  | Extended tasklist selection | 
 +|''<​Shift + Page Down>''​ | Extended tasklist selection |
-**Current Shortcut Key** +-----
-When a menu item/line is selected this is the key sequence already assigned to the menu item.+
-**Type new shortcut key** +====(Grid)====
-To change the keyboard shortcut, move the focus to this field and type the shortcut you want. This can be a single alphanumeric key, or alternatively an alphanumeric key modified with the Ctrl, Shift and/or Alt keys.+
-Note: once you have typed a new shortcut ​ToDoList will show you if the chosen shortcut is already assigned to another ​menu item. If it is and you proceed to reassign it then the original assignment will be removed.+  * **Shortcut**\\ This displays the active keyboard ​shortcut ​for the related ​menu item.
-**Assign button** +  ​* **Menu Item**\\ The name of the menu command associated with the shortcut\\ Note: Sub-menus are greyed to indicate ​that they cannot have shortcuts.
-Click this button to assign your new shortcut to the menu item. Note: if you make a mistake or decide ​that you don't want to apply the modified ​shortcuts, simply click the Cancel button to exit the preferences dialog.+
-**Show menu IDs** +----- 
-Every menu item is assigned a unique numeric IDThis is used with User Defined Tools (UDTs), so that external tools can activeate ​menu itemsThis is essentially a UDT shortcut to the menu rather than keyboard ​shortcut to the menu.+ 
 +**Current Shortcut Key**\\ 
 +This field shows the key sequence currently associated with the selected ​menu item. 
 +**Type new shortcut key**\\ 
 +To change ​(or addthe keyboard shortcut for the currently selected menu itemmove the focus to this field and type the shortcut you want.  
 +**Note**: Once you have typed a new shortcut ToDoList will show you if the chosen shortcut is already assigned to another ​menu itemIf it is and you choose to reassign it then the original assignment will be removed. 
 +Click this button to assign your new shortcut to the menu item.  
 +**Note**: If you make mistake or decide that you don't want to apply the modified shortcuts, simply click the ''<​Backspace>''​ key to erase the shortcut ​and re-click '​Assign'​. Alternatively,​ just ''<​Cancel>''​ out of the Preferences dialog. 
 +**Show menu item IDs**\\ 
 +This option displays the internal numeric value of the menu command after the item name, and is helpful when you want to use the ''​-cmd''​ commandline option to execute a menu command from a script or a [[user-defined-tools|User Defined Tool]] 
 +See also: [[tools-menu|Tools Menu]], [[user-defined-tools|User Defined Tools]], [[user-defined-tools-prefs|User Defined Tools Preferences]],​ [[help-menu|Help Menu]] > Keyboard Shortcuts, [[active-keyboard-shortcuts-dialog|Active Keyboard Shortcuts Dialog]]  ​
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