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-{{images:​screenshots:​language-selection-page.png}}+====== Language Selection Dialog ======
-This is the very first selection displayed when installing ​ToDoList. Click on the ToDoList.exe ​file and you are prompted to select your preferred language. ToDoList has been tranlated into many languages. People like you who use the application help to translate it into their language for others.+After you have installed ​ToDoList ​and double-clicked ''​ToDoList.exe''​ to start the application ​you will be prompted to select your preferred ​user interface ​language. ​
-To modify the active language after installation,​ go to menu > Tools > Preferences > General. +{{images:​screenshots:​language-dialog.png}}
 +You can modify the user interface language after installation via [[general-prefs|Menu Bar > Tools > Preferences > General]].
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