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List View

This view presents the tasklist as a single 'flat' list without the hierarchical indentation of the Task Tree. The most useful aspect of this is that it allows for sorting all tasks top-to-bottom in one range, allowing you to (for instance):

  • Find a task having a specific ID wherever it might exist in the tasklist (sort by Task ID)
  • Find all tasks whose names begin with 'Fix' (sort by Title)
  • Find all tasks falling within a certain date range (sort by Start or Due Dates)

Note: Having found and selected your tasks of interest, you can switch back to the Task Tree and have those same tasks remain selected even though they may be far apart within the hierarchy.

Creating Tasks

To create a new task you have the following options:

  • Select one of the 'Menu Bar > New Task' menu commands
  • Click one of the two 'New Task' buttons on the Application Toolbar.
  • Right-click on the Task Tree and select one of the 'New Task/Subtask' context-menu commands.

The process is typically this:

  1. Select an existing task using the mouse or keyboard
  2. Click one of the toolbar buttons to:
    • Create a new task at the same level as the selected task
    • Create a new subtask at a level below the selected task, and 'contained' by the selected task. ie. The selected task becomes its parent.
  3. Edit the new task's title
  4. Press <Enter> or click one of the toolbar buttons to add more tasks

Note: If during the initial editing of the task's title you realise it is in the wrong place, you can either complete the task name as described above and then move the task to its correct location later on. Or you can press <Esc> to cancel the new task and re-create it in the correct place.

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Moving tasks

To move one or more pre-selected tasks to a different location (or parent) you have the following options:

  • 'Cut and Paste' the selected tasks using the keyboard and/or mouse (Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V)

Note: Changing the task hierarchy is disabled in the List View via other means because the unstructured nature of the list makes the end results are very difficult to predict and impossible to represent.

Deleting Tasks

To delete one or more tasks just select the tasks and press <Delete>.

Note: Deleting a parent task will delete all of its subtasks.
Note: You can also right-click on the selected tasks and select 'Delete' from the popup menu.

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Selecting Tasks

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