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Log Task Time Dialog

(Menu Bar > Edit > Other Task Attributes > Add Time to Task Log File)

The Time-Tracking mechanism saves data in a CSV file, separate from the ToDoList .tdl files. A clock can be started to track time spent on one or more tasks. This page allows for time adjustments to be manually entered. There could be many reasons for this:

  • Application was not running when there was activity.
  • Activity was performed elsewhere and activity is being logged afterward.
  • The clock was accidentally not turned on during activity, so the actual time must be logged afterward.
  • The clock was on but accidentally not turned off, so an adjustment must be made to remove time from the log.

Time logged by the active clock is saved in the CSV log file, and flagged as Tracked. Time logged through this Log Task Time page is flagged as Adjusted.

Time is credited to a task by entering negative Time Spent.

All updates to the CSV log file are saved to the last entry, including adjustments. When the logged time is analyzed (reported), all time is sorted in proper chronological order.

The “Also add time to the task's time spent” checkbox is an indicator that a time adjustment is only logged to the CSV log unless this box is checked.

Comments entered for an adjustment are saved in the CSV login the same row with the time data.

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