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Running Multiple Instances

More than one instance of ToDoList can be run at the same time. This allows for very helpful scenarios:

  • Viewing different tasklists in different Windows.
  • Keeping more than one timer running on different projects.
  • Running different versions simultaneously for testing or comparison.
  • Running with different .ini configuration files.

To choose the desired behavior go to menu > Preferences > General > Allow multiple instances of ToDoList Close all instances of ToDoList and restart after changing this flag.

To execute a different ToDoList.exe or to use a different .ini, create desktop shortcuts with unique targets. For example:

  C:\ProductionApps\ToDoList\ToDoList.exe -i "C:\Users\me\Documents\Tasks\ToDoListLive.ini"


  C:\TestApps\ToDoList_x.y\ToDoList.exe -i "C:\TestApps\ToDoList_x.y\ToDoListTest.ini"


In this environment there are factors that require consideration:

  • Be careful that you are not modifying the same .tdl file with two different apps. ToDoList will notify you if a tasklist has been modified outside of the current instance, so you actually can have the same file open with two instances, but it's not a good idea.
  • If you are using the feature to enable tdl:// as a URL protocol, the protocol is set by the last program that sets that flag. So only one instance should have the flag set. To ensure this is working, uncheck the flag for all .ini files and close all ToDoList instances. Then open one and set the flag. Now you'll be sure which executable will be called in response to clicking on a tdl:// link.
    • This does however leave open another scenario. If you're using the same executable for all tasklists, which instance opens when clicking on a link? Need to fill in exact rules.
  • Only one instance of ToDoList should be open when upgrading. It's easy to miss this if one UI is open and another is in the task tray.

See also: Multiple User Preferences, Commandline Options

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