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TooList is Windows-based software. It is written in C++, with a focus on Windows. For discussion here, this will be referred to as the “core” app.

Like other software, ToDoList can be used in Linux or Mac over a virtualization layer.

The software is developed over current Windows versions but is back-ported as possible over older releases like XP.

The author does not maintain a mobile version. There are third-party mobile apps available and being developed. The data maintained by the “core” Windows app can be used by some of the mobile apps. But no guarantee is made that data saved in another environment can be used by the “core” app. In other words, the author of ToDoList cannot guarantee that someone else's software will process his data properly, nor that some other application will write the data in a compatible format.

Mobile apps (links to be provided soon):

  • Android
  • Windows Phone (in development)

Content Request : Please send information about TDL-based mobile apps in development, FOSS, etc.

ToDoList can be run from a USB as a portable app. Plug in the USB on any Window system to maintain your tasks. ContentRequest : examples for using TDL in a portable mode

ToDoList can be used over a network with configuration files (.ini files) and data (XML .tdl files) saved in network-accessible locations.

The software also has functionality for remote file access, including FTP and source control.

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