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 +====== Installation ======
 +TooList is Windows-based software. It is written in C++, with a focus on Windows. For discussion here, this will be referred to as the "​core"​ app.
 +Like other software, ToDoList can be used in [[linux|Linux]] or Mac over a virtualization layer.
 +The software is developed over current Windows versions but is back-ported as possible over older releases like XP.
 +The author does not maintain a mobile version. There are third-party mobile apps available and being developed. The data maintained by the "​core"​ Windows app can be used by some of the mobile apps. But no guarantee is made that data saved in another environment can be used by the "​core"​ app. In other words, the author of ToDoList cannot guarantee that someone else's software will process his data properly, nor that some other application will write the data in a compatible format.
 +Mobile apps (links to be provided soon):
 +  * Android
 +  * Windows Phone (in development)
 +**Content Request : Please send information about TDL-based mobile apps in development,​ FOSS, etc.**
 +ToDoList can be run from a USB as a portable app. Plug in the USB on any Window system to maintain your tasks. **ContentRequest : examples for using TDL in a portable mode**
 +ToDoList can be used over a network with configuration files (.ini files) and data (XML .tdl files) saved in network-accessible locations.
 +The software also has functionality for remote file access, including FTP and source control.
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