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Recurring (Repeating) Tasks

Tasks can be set to “come back” or recur after a period of time. This can be used to schedule regular task or events. For example:

  • Pay bills
  • Holiday (where doing something on a holiday can be considered a 'task'
  • Renew license
  • Check equipment for defects
  • Refresh an agreement
  • Check for software updates

The Recurrence field is the most complex in ToDoList because the single setting includes many parameters.

If a task only occurs once, it is not recurring - it does not repeat. Otherwise, tasks can repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. A weekly task can occur on the same day of every week, or for example every Tuesday and Thursday. A Monthly task might occur on the 12th of every month, or on the third Tuesday of alternate months. ToDoList is *extremely* versatile in this regard.

See the Recurrence Options Page to define how the selected task(s) will re-occur.

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