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 ====== Recurring (Repeating) Tasks ====== ====== Recurring (Repeating) Tasks ======
 +A "​[[recurrence|recurrence]]"​ is when a task occurs again, it re-occurs. Common examples are reports that need to be run every Monday, meetings every Tuesday and Thursday, a company newsletter sent on the first Tuesday of every other month, and renewal of yearly maintenance agreements.
 Tasks can be set to "come back" or recur after a period of time. This can be used to schedule regular task or events. For example: Tasks can be set to "come back" or recur after a period of time. This can be used to schedule regular task or events. For example:
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   * Check for software updates   * Check for software updates
-The Recurrence field is the most complex ​in ToDoList because ​the single setting includes many parameters.+The first requirement for this is to have a task that needs to occur more than once. Use [[attribute-visibility-dialog|Task Attribute Visibility]] to show the Recurrence attribute ​in columns and/or the edit area. Editing a recurrence brings up this page. 
 +Use [[attribute-visibility-dialog|Task Attribute Visibility]] to show the Recurrence attribute in columns and/or the edit area. 
 +{{images:​screenshots:​recurrence-column.png}} In this screenshot, click the word Weekly for the task. 
 +{{images:​screenshots:​recurrence-editfield.png}} In this screenshot, click the three dots next to the word Weekly.
-If a task only occurs once, it is not recurring - it does not repeat. Otherwisetasks can repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. A weekly task can occur on the same day of every week, or for example every Tuesday ​and Thursday. A Monthly task might occur on the 12th of every month, or on the third Tuesday of alternate months. ToDoList is *extremely* versatile in this regard.+If there is not already a recurrence defined, the column will be empty and the edit field shows "​Once"​.
-See the [[recurrence-options-dialog|Recurrence Options Page]] ​to define how the selected task(s) will re-occur.+See also: [[recurrence-options-dialog|Recurrence Options Page]].
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