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Reporting Bugs And Enhancements

Please observe the following guidelines when creating a new report:

  • Take a moment to decide the right place to publish your comments. See Getting Help.
  • Read How to use this forum!! which applies to the Google Group, Code Project, and GitHub.
  • Always include the ToDoList version (7.0.1, 7.0.2…) and your operating system and version (Windows XP, 7.0, 8.1, …).
  • Be specific about how to recreate a problem. It is difficult to fix issues if they cannot be reproduced.
  • Add a screenshot to your issue reports if it applies - a picture says a thousand words. Use whatever mechanism you prefer to get a screenshot. In the Google Group you can add a screenshot in your posting. For Code Project, save the image to your preferred image website (Dropbox, PhotoBucket, etc) - use a free site that does not require a login to access images. Get a direct link to your screenshot. When using GitHub resources, see this page to see the Markdown code to add an image into your Issue report. Or you can simply paste in the URL for anyone to click to get the image.
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