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 +====== Reporting Bugs And Enhancements ======
 +Please observe the following guidelines when creating a new report:
 +  * Take a moment to decide the right place to publish your comments. See [[getting-help|Getting Help]].
 +  * Read [[https://​​forum/#​how_to_use_this_forum!!|How to use this forum!!]] which applies to the Google Group, Code Project, and GitHub.
 +  * Always include the ToDoList version (7.0.1, 7.0.2...) and your operating system and version (Windows XP, 7.0, 8.1, ...).
 +  * Be specific about how to recreate a problem. It is difficult to fix issues if they cannot be reproduced.
 +  * Add a screenshot to your issue reports if it applies - a picture says a thousand words. Use whatever mechanism you prefer to get a screenshot. In the Google Group you can add a screenshot in your posting. For Code Project, save the image to your preferred image website (Dropbox, PhotoBucket,​ etc) - use a free site that does not require a login to access images. Get a direct link to your screenshot. When using GitHub resources, see [[https://​​features/​mastering-markdown/​|this page]] to see the Markdown code to add an image into your Issue report. Or you can simply paste in the URL for anyone to click to get the image.
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