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Select Task Icon Dialog

(Menu Bar > Edit > Other Task Attributes > Set Task Icon)

There are a few ways to assign an icon to a specific task.

  1. Click on the Icon column or the space immediately to the left of a task's title, depending on how you have configured your task view.
  2. Right-click on one or more tasks and select Other Task Attributes > SetTask Icon from the popup menu.
  3. The Menu Bar command shown at the top.

Each icon has an “icon index”, an associated number which is stored in the task list. Built-in icons are indexed “0”-“100”. If you sort your task list by the icon index in the Sort Menu, this is the number that is used.

Simply double-click an icon to assign the icon to a task. Or single-click to select and then click OK.

Once an icon is assigned to a task, to remove an icon use Other Task Attributes > Clear Task Icon.

You can assign each icon your own custom name by selecting the icon and clicking the Edit Label button. For example, select icon 12 and change the name to “coffee”. Now when sorting by the icon index it will use that name rather than the number. In addition to tags and categories, this is yet another option to help organize your tasks.

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