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Email Tasks Dialog

(Menu Bar > File > Email Tasks)

In addition to Import and Export of tasks with other applications, ToDoList can invoke your local software to e-mail task information. While named “Send Tasks”, this feature is invoked from menu>File>Email Tasks, or by right-clicking one or more tasks, and selecting “Email Selected Task(s)”. After selecting tasks and attributes, click OK. The requested data is passed to your default email client.

If you select the task data “as text in the email body”, that is where you will see the detail, with the project name for your tasklist as the Subject.

If you send “as a tasklist”, the subject is the project name, the body is `<Tasklist Attached>`, and a new .tdl file is attached with the selected subset of tasks.

There are considerations for moving a tasklist from one system to another. The tasklist is like any other, and can/should only be opened with the same version of ToDoList. Note also that the recipient will open the tasklist with their profile which may have different preferences than the sender. So calculated fields may be interpreted differently. And file references to your local system will be included in the tasklist, but the files for these references will not go with the tasklist.

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