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Set Task Reminder Dialog

A reminder can be set for any task, and a notification will display at the requested time.

To set the reminder, select one or more tasks, right-click, and choose “Set Reminder”. Or select one or more tasks, go to menu>Edit> Set Reminder.

Once set, reminders display at the requested time in the Show-Reminder-Page.

Reminders can be cleared after being set - the Clear Reminder feature is directly under Set Reminder.

Reminders can be modified by going back to Set Reminder for one or more tasks.

The reminder can be set for a specific day and time. Or it can be set for a time which is relative to the Due Date or Start Date. The “Remind me” dropdown list provides a large number of options for periods relative to when the task is due or when it starts.

Examples of settings:

  • 12 hours before this task is due.
  • 4 days before this task is due.
  • 1 week before this task starts.

The reminder sound can be changed from the default to play any sound file on the system.

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