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Windows' Steps Recorder

The Steps Recorder can be used to record the actions to reproduce issues or to demonstrate how to use a feature. This is a feature which is built-in to Windows starting with v7, simply made available from within ToDoList. The information here summarizes its use but a list of links is provided below for more details.

To use

  • See menu > Help > Record Bug Report…
  • Click “Start Record” in the control box that displays.
  • Do whatever you want within ToDoList.
  • Click “Stop Record” in the control box.

When complete, another form displays to show all of the steps that were recorded. A screenshot is shown for each step, along with a caption to indicate what was done and when. For example:

  Step 1: User left click on "Tools (menu item)" in "Sample Tasklist - ToDoList (c) AbstractSpoon"
  Step 2: User left click on "Preferences... (menu item)"
  Step 3: User left click on "Page down (button)" in "ToDoList Preferences"

If the recording conveys the information required, click the Save button to create a Zip file, otherwise re-record. The file contains a single .MHT file which is a standard multi-part web page with embedded images.

Now make the Zip file available to whomever needs it. It can be attached to a GitHub Issue. You can save it to a cloud service and then post a link in one of the discussion groups. Or you can email the file or link to Dan if he asks for it.


  • The Steps Recorder asserts itself on top of all other forms; change the form size or minimize to access other screens on your desktop.
  • The recorder captures your entire desktop, not just the ToDoList application. That includes other screens, your icons, and anything else that you can see. If you do not want other “artifacts” recorded, close, minimize, or cover them.
  • All monitor screens are captured; moving screens to another monitor does not hide them from the screen capture.
  • Be sure to review every image to ensure it contains what you want people to see and that it does not contain what you do not want people to see.
  • This feature may not stay in ToDoList, depending on its availability in Windows.
  • This feature is not available in Linux, OSX, or Windows XP.
  • Internet Explorer might not open the .MHT file. For Firefox, you might need an addon like this.
  • 4 minute video
  • MSDN blog with excellent tips about this tool, a note about permissions, and mentions of other tools for recording screens.
  • Google for “windows steps recorder”
  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) - much more versatile than Steps Recorder
    • 5 minute video
    • Blog with *detailed* video, text, and links.
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