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 +====== Windows'​ Steps Recorder ======
 +The Steps Recorder can be used to record the actions to reproduce issues or to demonstrate how to use a feature. This is a feature which is built-in to Windows starting with v7, simply made available from within ToDoList. The information here summarizes its use but a list of links is provided below for more details.
 +=== To use===
 +  * See menu > Help > Record Bug Report...
 +  * Click "Start Record"​ in the control box that displays.
 +  * Do whatever you want within ToDoList.
 +  * Click "Stop Record"​ in the control box.
 +When complete, another form displays to show all of the steps that were recorded. A screenshot is shown for each step, along with a caption to indicate what was done and when. For example:
 +    Step 1: User left click on "Tools (menu item)" in "​Sample Tasklist - ToDoList (c) AbstractSpoon"​
 +    Step 2: User left click on "​Preferences... (menu item)"
 +    Step 3: User left click on "Page down (button)"​ in "​ToDoList Preferences"​
 +If the recording conveys the information required, click the Save button to create a Zip file, otherwise re-record. The file contains a single .MHT file which is a standard multi-part web page with embedded images.
 +Now make the Zip file available to whomever needs it. It can be attached to a GitHub Issue. You can save it to a cloud service and then post a link in one of the discussion groups. Or you can email the file or link to Dan if he asks for it.
 +=== Notes===
 +  * The Steps Recorder asserts itself on top of all other forms; change the form size or minimize to access other screens on your desktop.
 +  * The recorder captures your entire desktop, not just the ToDoList application. That includes other screens, your icons, and anything else that you can see. If you do not want other "​artifacts"​ recorded, close, minimize, or cover them.
 +  * All monitor screens are captured; moving screens to another monitor does not hide them from the screen capture.
 +  * Be sure to review every image to ensure it contains what you want people to see and that it does not contain what you do not want people to see.
 +  * This feature may not stay in ToDoList, depending on its availability in Windows.
 +  * This feature is not available in Linux, OSX, or Windows XP.
 +  * Internet Explorer might not open the .MHT file. For Firefox, you might need an addon like [[https://​​en-us/​firefox/​addon/​mozilla-archive-format/​|this]].
 +=== Links===
 +  * [[http://​​en-us/​windows7/​how-do-i-use-problem-steps-recorder|HowTo info at Microsoft]]
 +  * 4 minute [[https://​​watch?​v=1ez5uyxffge|video]]
 +  * MSDN [[http://​​b/​patricka/​archive/​2010/​01/​04/​using-the-secret-windows-7-problem-step-recorder-to-create-step-by-step-screenshot-documents.aspx|blog]] with excellent tips about this tool, a note about permissions,​ and mentions of other tools for recording screens.
 +  * [[https://​​search?​q=windows+steps+recorder|Google]] for "​windows steps recorder"​
 +  * Open Broadcaster Software ([[https://​​|OBS]]) - much more versatile than Steps Recorder
 +    * 5 minute [[https://​​watch?​v=2vqle6kvotu|video]]
 +    * [[http://​​open-broadcaster-software-guide-for-starters/​|Blog]] with *detailed* video, text, and links.
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