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Task Comments

Free-form text comments can be added to any task in one of two formats:

  • Simple Text - with no formatting
  • Rich Text - with fonts, colors, styles, text sizing, images, tables, etc.

To choose/change the comment format for an individual task, select from the droplist above above the Comments field.

To set the default format for all new tasks, go to 'Menu Bar > Tools > Preferences > User Interface > Task Comments', and set 'Preferred format'. The default format can be overridden for any task.

See also:

  • Menu bar > View > Toggle between Tasks and Comments.
  • preferences Show comments even when tasklist is maximized
  • menu > View > Maximize Tasklist, or Ctrl+M. This is not the same as maximizing the window, only the edit fields are removed to maximize the view of the tasks. However you may wish to see only the comments when you maximize.
  • Update all tasklists when the comments field is resized
  • preferences Positioning and Stacking Comments
  • Menu Bar > Tools > Preferences > User Interface > Task Comments > “Position comments”:
  • Menu Bar > Tools > Preferences > User Interface > Task Comments > General > 'Stack' edit fields and comments when the occupy the same position (left, right or below).
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