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Task Attribute Defaults Preferences

(Menu Bar > Tools > Preferences > Tasks > Defaults)

Default Attributes

Enter the attributes you want new tasks to have when they are created.

Attribute Inheritance

Having subtasks inherit attributes from their parent is often useful where the contained subtasks are all of the same category as the parent or allocated to/by the same person.

Have subtasks inherit the following attibutes from their parent when they are created
Select this option if you want a subtask to inherit attributes from its parent task. The options you select will override the defaults you specified above.

Continue to update subtasks as parent changes
Select this option if you want subtasks to continue to inherit the attributes as changes are made to the parent during its life.

Dynamic Droplists

Default Categories
This option lets you specify a range of categories that you want all tasklists to have. This avoids having to enter them for each new tasklist, preventing spelling errors of mis-categorization of tasks. To enter a task simply type it in and press Enter.

Note: if you mis-spell an item and want to delete it, simply: a) Drop down the list b) Highlight the item to be deleted using the keyboard c) Press Ctrl + Del

Note: You can also use this same method to delete items from the attribute droplists in the main interface.

Default Statuses
Likewise for statuses.

Default Versions
Likewise for versions.

Default Allocated To
Likewise for persons allocated to.

Default Allocated By
Likewise for persons allocated by.

Default Tags
Likewise for tags.

See also: Preferences Dialog, Tools Menu, Application Toolbar

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