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Task Time Preferences

(Menu Bar > Tools > Preferences > Tasks)

Time Tracking

Time tracking is a simple device that lets you start and stop a 'clock' whenever you are working on a task and then have the elapsed time added to the 'Time Spent' attribute.

Show the Time-Tracker window whenever a task's time is tracked
- TODO -

Continue time-tracking a task even when

  • the task is not selected
    Untick this option if you want time tracking to stop when the tracked task loses its selection.
  • the tasklist containing the task is not active
    Untick this option if you want time tracking to stop when you switch away from the tasklist containing the tracked task.
  • a screensaver is running or the desktop is locked
    Untick this option if you want time tracking to stop when you lock your desktop (Windows Key + L) or when a screensaver is running ie You go to a meeting relating to the tracked task.
  • the computer is hibernated or in stand-by
    Untick this option if you want time tracking to stop when you hibernate your computer or put it into stand-by.

Tracking a new task should stop tracking of tasks in all other open tasklists
This option ensures that there is only ever one task being tracked at any one time.

Log tracked time
For each start/stop sequence this option saves information about the sequence to a .csv file, the idea being that at a later date (weekly or monthly) you can load this into Excel (or Open Office) and generate a report from each entry.

  • Log each task to a separate file
    By default all start/stop sequences for each tasklist are stored in the same .csv file. This option allows each task to be stored separately.
  • Display confirmation dialog for each period logged
    - TODO -

Allow time tracking on parent tasks
By default, a parent task's time spent is simply the accumulated time spent of all its subtasks. As a result (by default) the attribute field of a parent task is disabled and time tracking is disabled. This option allows time tracking on parent tasks and also allows manual times to be added to parent tasks.

When time-tracking remind me every 'n' minutes
- TODO -

Time Periods

One day equals 'n' hours
This allows you to specify the length of the working day to be used for display and calculation purposes.

One week equals 'n' days
This displays the length of the 'working week' based on which days have been specified in the field beneath.

The following days represent the weekend
Tick each of the days that should not be counted as a weekday.

See also: Preferences Dialog, Tools Menu, Application Toolbar

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