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 ======Time Tracker Dialog====== ======Time Tracker Dialog======
 +([[view-menu|Menu Bar > View]] > Show Time Tracker).
 {{images:​screenshots:​time-track-dialog.png}} {{images:​screenshots:​time-track-dialog.png}}
-TODO -+The Time Tracker dialog is a top-level window (independent of the main application window) which shows information about the current task being time-tracked. 
 +The Time Tracker window can be resized vertically to display fewer rows of information and horizontally to widen the droplists displaying the task and tasklist names. 
 +You can also double-click the title bar of the Timer Tracker window to collapse it to the height of the title bar. Double-clicking the collapsed title-bar will restore the previous height of the window.
 ----- -----
 See also:  See also: 
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