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Tracking Task Time

ToDoList facilitates task management with a time tracking feature, allowing time to be easily logged for specific tasks. This feature is of value to anyone who needs to track time for managers or clients.

In the grid is a column with a clock icon . On clicking that column for a task row, the timer starts for that task. When the timer is clicked again to turn it off, the time is logged. The task ID, name, start time, end time, duration, and other details are stored in a CSV file from which reports can be generated.

By itself that data can be opened by any application, moved to another processor, and reformatted for reporting. But ToDoList helps to eliminate the need for external tools by including basic reporting via menu > Tools > Analyse Logged Time. From there, the raw log data for a specific time period can be reformatted into another CSV file sorted by task or time periods. This data alone can be used to support the time spent on a project. For deeper reporting, any spreadsheet application can read the CSV file and use that for further processing. Think of the Analyse functionality as taking the log data one step up from raw logs, which may be enough for many purposes, but it can be considered just another step on the way to more robust reporting.

View the CSV log file with ctrl+L: If you have specified to log tracked time to a CSV file they this option will automatically load the csv file into the appropriately registered application (eg. Excel) for you to view and edit if necessary. The idea behind the log file is to allow reports to be generated at week- or month-end showing where time has been spent and on which projects or tasks.

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