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The Tools Menu contains commands for interfacing with 3rd-party apps via Import/Export/Transform, for editing and managing the application Preferences, and for managing the size and complexity of your tasklists via Archiving.

Import Tasks…
Displays the Import Tasks dialog allowing one of a number of different formats to be imported. The tasks can be inserted into an existing tasklist or into a fresh tasklist. Supported formats include: outline, Freemind, GanttProject, MLO and Outlook.

Export Tasks…
Displays the Export Tasks dialog allowing the active tasklist to exported to a number of different formats, including HTML, simple text, csv, Freemind, GanttProject, MLO and iCalendar. You can also choose whether to export the entire tasklist or just the currently selected tasks.

Transform Tasklist

Analyse Logged Time

View Task Log File

Archive Completed Tasks
Copies completed tasks to an archive file, and optionally removes them from the source task list depending on your preferences.

Archive Selected Tasks
This allows you to archive tasks irrespective of their completed status. This is useful for when tasks are abandoned or cancelled and it would be inappropriate to mark them as complete to allow them to be archived.

Show Tasks Due

Summarizes the tasks due on that day, the following day, or on one of a number of longer time frames.

Displays the Preferences Dialog for configuring ToDoList.

Import Preferences into Registry
If for whatever reason you decide that you no longer wish to use an ini file for your preferences, this option allows you to import your existing ini file and all its settings into the registry and then switch to using the registry.

Export Preferences from Registry
If you have been using the registry to store your settings but then decide that you would prefer to use an ini file, perhaps because it's more portable and would allow you to run ToDoList off a USB drive, then this option will export your registry settings to an ini file (in the same folder as ToDoList.exe) and then switch to using it.

User Defined Tools
Lists the external tools you have set up in the preferences.

See also: Menu Bar, Toolbar, User-Defined-Tools

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