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Application Toolbar

The application Toolbar sits below the Menu Bar and contains buttons for common and frequently used menu commands.

Note: If you forget the purpose of any toolbar button just hover your mouse over the button and an explanatory tooltip will appear.
Note: You can hide the Toolbar by deselecting 'Menu Bar > View Menu > Bar Visibility > Toolbar'.

1. Open Tasklist File Menu
2. Save Tasklist File Menu
3. Save All Tasklists File Menu
4. New Task New Task Menu
5. New Subtask New Task Menu
6. Edit Task Title Edit Menu
7. Set Task Icon Edit Menu
8. Set Task Reminder Edit Menu
9. Undo Edit Menu
10. Redo Edit Menu
11. Maximise Tasklist View Menu
12. Expand Selected Task View Menu
13. Collapse Selected Task View Menu
14. Navigate Back Move Menu
15. Navigate Forward Move Menu
16. Find Tasks Edit Menu
17. Quick Find Edit Menu
18. Sort Tasks Sort By Menu
19. Delete Task Edit Menu
20. Toggle Checkout Source Control Menu
21. Preferences Tools Menu
22. Online Help Help Menu

See also: Application Main Window, Menu Bar, Toolbar Preferences, View Menu > Bar Visibility

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