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General User Interface Preferences


Only show menu commands for visible columns/edit fields
Use this to trim unwanted menu commands off the menu.

Reposition editing controls during resizing
This option will wrap controls as the width of the application changes during resizing.

Position edit fields
The Edit Area, where fields can be modified, can be placed Below the tasklist, or to the Right or Left of the tasklist.

'Stack' edit fields and comments when they occupy the same position (left, right, or below)
This option only has effect when Comments and Attribute Fields are both placed on the same side of the Task View. As an example of how this affects the display:

  • When both are at the bottom, and this field is unchecked, edit fields will appear above comments.
  • When both are at the bottom, and this field is checked, comments display on the bottom left and edit fields display on the bottom right.

Move the input focus to the tasklist when the Enter key is pressed
Wherever the focus is, this option will move the focus back to the tasklist when the <Enter> key is pressed.

Note: This behaviour is not enabled on the Comments field because the usual intent then is to create a new line.

Use the following theme
ToDoList comes with some simple themes. Use one of the predefined themes or write one of your own using one of the predefined themes as a template.

Show default task icons in icon selection dialog
ToDoList comes with a 100 built-in icons with which to tag your tasks. Enable this option if you want to supply your own icons instead.


Show default Filters
ToDoList comes with a number of default filters, made available by the Filter Bar and Filter Tasks Dialog. If you would rather only use your own custom filters made using the Find Task Dialog then you can use this option to hide the default filters.

Allow multi selection in the filter droplists
This turns on the checkbox selection mode in the filter droplists allowing you to select more than one item to filter on.

Restore tasklist filters when restarting ToDoList
This allows you to control whether ToDoList saves and restores the current filters on a tasklist when you close and then re-open it.

Automatically re-filter after editing
This can be handy if for instance you are filtering on incomplete tasks and then you complete one of those incomplete tasks. With this option turned on that newly completed tasks is instantly filtered out.

When filtering by 'Title, match on…

  • Titles only
    Search only the text of a task's title, even if the first comment line displays with the title in the Task View.
  • Titles and comments
    Search both the text of a task's title and the whole of its comments.
  • Any text field (eg. Allocated To, External ID, etc)
    Search all of a task's text-type attributes including its title and comments, but (currently) excluding custom attributes.

See also: Filter Bar, Filter Tasks Dialog


Always sort completed tasks below other tasks
This is handy if you want to collate all the completed tasks at the bottom of the parent task whilst sorting the rest by whatever field you have selected.

Note: This option does not apply to 'Unsorted'.

See also: Menu Bar > Sort By


The toolbar stores the most often used commands.

'New Task' button places task…
Because there are more than one 'New Task' menu commands this option allows you to control which one the toolbar button refers to.

'New Subtask' button places subtask…
Because there are more than one 'New Subtask' menu commands this option allows you to control which one the toolbar button refers to.

See also: Application Toolbar, Menu Bar > New Task

Task Comments

Preferred format
Select which comments format you want to use by default when tasks are created.

Select whether you want the comments field to appear below the tasklist or to the right of the tasklist.

Show always
The option ensures that the Comments field remains visible when you select 'Menu Bar > View > Maximise Tasklists'.

Update all tasklists when the comments field is resized
This option ensures that the comments field remains the same height or width regardless of which tasklist you change it on.

See also: Task Comments

Tasklist Tab Bar

Hide tab bar when only one tasklist is open
If you prefer a more consistent user interface then deselecting this option will ensure that the tab bar is always visible even when you only have a single task list open.

Stack tab bar items
Choosing this option if you want to be able to see every tab at all times. Without this option Windows provided scrollbuttons to enable you to scroll tabs into view.

Keep tabs ordered by name
As you load tasklists this option will keep their tabs ordered alphabetically.

Show close button on each tasklist tab
This places an X button on each tab corresponding to an open tasklist to make closing tasklists easier.

Note: You can also close tasklists by clicking the middle mouse button on a tasklist tab. Note: If you disable this option then a single X button for closing the active tasklist is placed at the far right-end of the menu bar instead.

See also: Main Application Window

Default Task View Visibility

By default all Task Views are visible for any tasklist loaded. However if you find that you don't use certain views then you can choose to have these not appear by default for previously unopened tasklists.

The views currently available are:

See also: Menu Bar > View > Task View Visibility, Task Views

See also: Preferences Dialog, Tools Menu, Application Toolbar

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