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Task Attribute Preferences

Date/Time Formatting

Hide 'Start' and 'Due' dates for completed tasks

This is just one of a number of options for reducing clutter and visiually separating complete and incomplete tasks.

Hide 'Due Time', 'Start Time', 'Completed Time' fields

By default ToDoList allows you to specify the time as well as the date for due, start and completed dates. However since not all people require these fields you can optionally hide them.

Hide zero 'Times' and 'Costs'

Again this helps redues visual clutter my not rendering the time or cost when it is zero.

Display dates in ISO format

The ISO date format is non-locale specific format which ensures that no matter where you are, dates will always look identical. Note: ToDoList always stores dates in ISO format when saving them to disk or when exporting.

Include the weekday when displaying dates

This option displays the abbreviated weekday to the last of the date.

Note: Without this option set dates are aligned to the left of the column, with it they are aligned to the right, just to make scanning the dates easier.

Round 'Time Estimate/Spent' to whole numbers

This simplifies the display of task times without changing the actual values recorded. Again juts to make scanning the tasklist easier.

Display 'Time Estimate/Spent' times in HMS format

This displays times in (what's referred to in TDL as) HMS format. This is not specifically Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. For example, 1.5 hours becomes 1h30m, and 2.75 days becomes 2d6h. If a task is estimated at 50 hours, where 1 day = 8 hours and one week = 5 days, then the value displayed is 1w1d. Large hour values display like 2y5m - that's 2 years and 5 months with days truncated.

Note: the length of a week and the length of a day are those specified elsewhere in the Preferences.

Work in Progress. Missing options


Show Infotips

Displays detailed information when you move the mouse cursor over a task in the task list.

Limit length of comments shown to 'n' characters

Without this option ToDoList would display the entirety of a task's comments in the infotip which would lead to very large and unwieldy infotips.

Display comments after task title in list

This option renders any additional comments after a task's title text in the task list.

Note: the task list scrollbars will not extend to accomodate this extra text so not all of the comment may be visible.

Display only the first line of comments

This is a useful device that you can use to selectively show and hide the comments that are displayed after the task title. To hide the comments simply make the fist line of the comments blank.

Strike-through completed tasks

This useful for picking out which tasks are completed.

Note If you use a high resolution display you might find that the default struck-through font used for completed tasks is virtually unreadable, in which case simple deselect this option.

Display completion checkbox next to task's title

This option moves the checkbox for marking a task as complete tight up against the task's title text rather than in its own column.

Display Subtask completion in front of task's title

This displays fractionally (number of completed subtasks/total number of subtasks) how many of the task's subtasks are completed.

Show Parent tasks with a folder icon

This helps to pick out parent tasks by assciating a folder icon with them.

Note: If you manually specify an icon manually specify an icon then this will override the parent folder icon.

Hide '% Complete' for completed tasks

To help highlight incomplete tasks and to maintain a less cluttered task list you can have ToDoList not display '100%' for completed tasks.

Show '% Complete' as a progress bar

As well as showing a task's completion status as a percentage, you can also display it as a coloured bar (based on its priority).

Hide 'Start' and 'Due' dates for completed tasks.

'Start' and 'Due' dates may have limited relevance once a task has been completed. Select this option to have ToDoList hide such dates when a task has been marked as completed.

Show columns on the right of the task tree

This displays the task title at the left most column and the rest of the columns to the right.

Note: Because of how ToDoList is written internally, any vertical scroll bar will appear between the task title and the rest of the column. There is no workaround for this at this date.

Show non-file links as text

By default ToDoList displays file links by their representative icon. This option allows you to use this field to also store raw text and not have ToDoList try to convert it to a file icon.

Enable full row selection

This option gives the task list a more 'list-like' appearance but at the expense of losing the dotted link lines between tasks and their subtasks.

Display the selected task's path in the list header

In task lists with many tasks, each of which has many subtasks, it is very easy to lose track of just where you are. This option will display the path of the currently selected task in the task list header.

Limit width of columns to 'x' pixels

At this date ToDoList does not allow column widths to be resized, instead it always sizes columns to fit the widest entry. As a result column can become 'too' wide resulting in a difficulty seeing all columns sufficiently. This is a stop-gap solution which will prevent columns exceeding the specified width.

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