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Task Views

ToDoList offers various 'Views' on your task data.

It is important to understand that these views are NOT independent mini-applications with different task attributes. They are just alternative representations of the same essential underlying task data offering different ways of viewing and manipulating the same built-in attributes.

You can switch between these views using the tabs below the active task view, or by cycling through the views using 'Menu Bar > View > Next Task View'.

The following Views are currently available:

  • Task Tree - The default hierarchical view of your data
  • List View - Your data displayed as a 'flat' list (single-level-hierarchy)
  • Burndown - A graph of how the number of incomplete tasks varies over time
  • Calendar - Your tasks represented on a calendar layout
  • Gantt Chart - The classic Project Management view of your tasks
  • Kanban - A more modern approach to manipulating tasks

See also: ToDoList Application Window

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