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Post by abstr » Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:04 am

Hi Translators

The following notes describe the basis process for translating ToDoList's UI:
  1. Navigate to '.\Resources\Translations' with Windows Explorer and make a copy of 'YourLanguage.csv'.
  2. Rename this copy using the same format as other files in the same folder ie. '<Language Name><Country>.csv'
  3. Run 'TDLTransEdit.exe' from the same folder as ToDoList.exe (or you will receive an error). Note: Translating using any other tool (eg. Excel, Notepad++, ...) is not supported (see below).
  4. 'File > Open' your copied language file.
  5. Complete all entries in the 'Translated Text' column.
  6. Post your completed file to this group for validation.
  7. Once we have added your translation to the ToDoList_Resource GitHub repository you will be able to update it via pull requests.

The reason for mandating the use of 'TDLTransEdit.exe' is to help prevent simple mistakes such as:
  • Changing file encoding
  • Unmatched double-quotes
  • Missing tabs
  • Loss of indentation

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