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ToDoList 8.0.12 is available for download

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2020 7:24 am
by abstr
Hi Everyone

Get it here or update via 'Help > Check for Updates'.

What's Changed from 8.0.11:
  • Fixed 'Kanban' auto-resorting after 'New Task'
  • Fixed 'HTML Comments > Edit Html' tag colouring with high-contrast theme
  • Fixed toolbar scaling artifacts with high-contrast theme
  • Fixed 'Html Comments' toolbar background colour with high-contrast theme
  • Fixed 'Html Comments' context-menu display after exiting 'View > Maximise Tasklist'
  • Fixed command-line parsing of text containing dots (.)
  • Fixed 'View > Task Attribute Visibility' persistence after switching between options
  • Fixed 'Recurring Task' date calculation
  • Fixed 'Comments' focus after restoring ToDoList from the Windows Taskbar