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Multi-User Preferences

(Menu Bar > Tools > Preferences > Multiple Users)

If you are using ToDoList at your place of work and anticipate sharing task lists with your colleagues then you may find the following features useful:

File Checking

Check the status of remote tasklists only every 'n' seconds
Continually checking the status of files on slow networks can slow ToDoList down. This option allows you to fine tune how often the checking occurs.

If a tasklist's status changes to writable:
This is useful if your task list resides in a 3rd party source control database which uses a file's read-only attribute to indicate its checkout status. With this option enabled, ToDoList will monitor the file's status and take your selected action when the file becomes writable:

  • Ask me if I want to reload it
  • Reload it without asking me
  • Reload it and notify me

The notification is a small form that pops up while ToDoList is visible. No notification is displayed if the application is minimised.

If a tasklist's timestamp changes:
Similar to above, if a co-worker modifies a file across the network and saves it, you can use this option to have ToDoList notify you or reload the file automatically. The actions to select are the same as above.

Simple Source Control

If you don't use a 3rd party source control package but still need to prevent users overwriting each other changes then this option may well give you a sufficient level of control.

Briefly, it works like this: When you check out a file for editing, ToDoList opens the tasklist, writes your computer name into the file, and resaves it (but without changing its timestamp - else other users might be prompted to reload it). Anyone else then trying to edit it will not be able to until you “check the file in” which will remove your computer name.

Attempt check out when loading a tasklist
This will try to check out the file as soon as you load it.

If a task list cannot be checked out, keep re-trying periodically
If you try to check out a file but are unsuccessful, then you can have ToDoList monitor the file's checkout status and check it out for you as soon as it becomes available.

Check in tasklists when I close them
To allow others to edit shared tasklists whilst you're not working on them, this option ensures that tasklists are checked in when you close them.

Note: You can also use this option to prevent others from editing your tasklists, whilst still allowing them to view them.

Check in tasklists if no changes have been made for more than 'n' minutes
If you have checked out a tasklist and then get called away to a meeting, this option will allow ToDoList to automatically save any changes and check in the tasklist after a set period of time.

Include user name when identifying check-out
When checked and attempting to check-out a tasklist, the 'Already Checked-out' notification will show both the name of the computer and the name of the user that is working on the file. When unchecked, only the computer name will be displayed.

See also: Preferences Dialog, Tools Menu, Application Toolbar

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